The job of a cancer mommy is never easy. Stop by for some posts from a mommy who knows first hand.


The life of a cancer mom consists of so much waiting…. We sit in waiting rooms and then go back to dr rooms to wait. I guess every every parent has to go through that wait when they take their child to the dr office, or urgent care, or the emergency room.

We also have to wait for scan time, wait for results, wait for procedures to be done, wait for our baby to wake from anesthesia, wait for blood counts to come up, wait for radiation levels to drop, wait for nurses to come assist, wait for the schedulers to call with your schedule, wait for the dr or nurse to call with answers. The waiting game is OUR job.

We do our best to pass the time. That is the easy part. Keeping our mind off the situation at hand or letting it not affect us “on the outside”…

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