If you have been following us on Facebook, then you already know about our arts and crafts. If you are new to our story, please read on.

My’isha was a very special baby all the way back to when she was in my tummy. She is missing a piece of her 6th chromosome which makes her a special princess. She has also beat cancer, while she was learning to walk and communicate. That pretty much makes her a Princess Warrior.

I, am just her mommy. I do my best to support the amazingness this young lady brings into this world. When we entered the world of cancer treatment, I found myself researching and doing everything to keep My’isha happy and comfortable while not neglecting my 3 boys.

There came a point when my busy-body kicked in, and I had to do SOMETHING. I wasn’t leaving My’isha at the hospital for any amount if time, so trying to keep my mind occupied led to an awakening of my creativity.

So, Creations 4 Miracles 4 My’isha is a Facebook page for me to show off the creations I or My’isha’s brother’s, Alijah and Xavier, have made either while My’isha was going through her treatment, or afterwards trying to make money for my family.

I had to have something to do, all those lonely nights in the hospital. So, I rediscovered arts and crafts. It was probably one of the best things to happen to me over the past few years. I love to create things for people.

Here are some photos of the items I have left. I am putting them up for donations on Creations 4 Miracles 4 My’isha. All you need to do is comment on the photo of the item you want, the amount that you are willing to donate for them item. Then, you go to paypal.com/miracels4myisha and make your donations. Once your donation is received, we will send you the gift you posted on.

Funds from this fundraiser will go towards My’isha’s birthday party. Her birthday is a week before her brother Xavier, so it makes it a little tough to all of the things we want to do for them. All contributions will go straight to making sure they both get the birthday celebrations they deserve.

It is a little ironic that #ChildhoodCancer #Awareness month falls on My’isha’s birthday month. She will be 4 years old this month, and this is her last year of preschool before she moves on to Kindergarten. I am so excited for her!

These are a few key chains handmade by myself and My’isha’s brothers.
Handmade hemp necklace with black and silver charm
Handmade hemp necklace with black and silver charm
Represent the Denver Broncos with this set of a necklace and bracelet, or choose the bracelet alone for a brighter blue and orange.
Represent Colorado and our Broncos with this set of a necklace and bracelet, or choose the bracelet alone for a brighter blue and orange.

This handmade choker has very cute purple accents. Perfect for wearing with anything.
Show your Colorado pride with this handmade necklace. 
This necklace has a retro feel to , with a Colorado Style Peace sign charm and glow in the dark beads and thread. Perfect for a room accent AND fashion accessory.
Handmade charm and necklace. This collaboration is all handmade in Colorado. Show your Colorado pride in a way that makes a difference.