We discovered neuroblastoma in My’isha’s lymphatic system after she “broke” her arm in Dec of 2015.

The ACTUAL situation, was that neuroblastoma had come back for My’isha for the 2nd time and it had attacked her radius in her arm. The weakened bone fractured when she fell off a chair  bought her for Christmas. Neuroblastoma was not a thought until her corresponding axial lymph nodes began to swell.
Biopsy confirmed the neuroblastoma had returned so we went along with tradtitional treatments including the “NEW” and “Promising” MIBG therapy as well as 6 more cycles of chemotherapy in addition to the 6 she has received during initial treatment.

Fast forward past another relapse, more chemo, and more radiation….

After 2 cycles of chemotherapy, My’isha’s bone marrow was slow to recover leading us to try another path of therapy.

After 11 days of targeted radiation, the disease was progressing in the the radiation areas as well are surrounding areas, so per radiation oncologist it was determined that her disease is radiation resistant.

NOTE: At this time, we still have the option to pursue further chemotherapy and antibody therapy combined which has a 50% response rate (either controlled or minimized)

Our family has watched My’isha turn from a happy, loving, independent, and ambitious princess warrior to a babygirl fighting pain every day and with disease trying to explode from her lymph nodes over the past month.

It has taken me a long time to share these photos because I feel they are a sign of failure on so may levels as well as because I am friends with so may empaths that I know you will feel the pain as well.


Note the swelling near the neck and under her arm.


As a mother… what WOULDN’T you do? Our list of lymph cleansers and detox and supplements is probably not as long as it could be…. or too long depending on who you ask. However a week after the photos above were taken… I took these:

Her disease is not slowing… even with everything I am throwing at it. Her bad days are out numbering the good. I am re-evaluating some of the items we are running out of and deciding what to keep on the regimen and what can go. In terms of diet… we met with the dietician today and they have nothing new to offer. We met with the oncologists and they also have nothing new to offer. We are constantly seeking more therapies and more knowledge. I am tired of having end of life discussions… especially as I watch new lumps appear on her body as well as new and increasing pain. I am tired… we are all tired… keeping he in good spirits is becoming harder and harder with each day, but this cannot be the way things end. This is not the end.. we are fighting and grateful for every smile and every walk and every game and EVERYDAY.

When you are a mother with a child newly diagnosed, you trust everything the doctors say.

Then the disease comes back, you begin to question not only the doctors, but your own decisions.

When the disease comes back AGAIN… for the 3rd time… you not only lose trust in the doctors all together, but you begin to question everything you do and have done for the extent of your child’s life.

If nothing else comes from this battle… I want cancer mommies to feel empowered to seek knowledge, questions the physicians and push for the least evasive treatments available to help their child not only survive a battle… or 2… or 3… with cancer… but to also cause the least amount of damage to a child’s body.

I know that my daughter’s disease is smarter than most of the treatments these medical physicians have come up with in their labs. I understand how cancer works. I am mad that physicians are forced to turn the head to dietary remedies and natural remedies…. especially when we are talking about CHILDREN.

I am a frustrated mother… not only with physicians and the medical industry, but also with our law makers. No child should have to suffer due to silly little laws and NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE! Expect that when a child is involved there will be a village at your door expecting answers and action.