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To chemo or not to chemo… that is the question. — January 2, 2017

To chemo or not to chemo… that is the question.

I have to be honest…. I am still on the fence about the chemotherapy. I am feeling good about our natural approach. I have been making changes and increasing her cannabis does. I am wanting to get more consistent with the baking soda and apple cider vinegar. There are so many ways to attack this… I am just not sure I am ready to expose her body to more chemotherapy. She is still so young. 

My’isha with her legs up on her daddy after making a mess of the house on Christmas 2016. Just kidding about the mess of course.

So just to update those who do not know, My’isha has had a relapse of neuroblastoma in the same bone, same location it came back in 2015. This is just 6 months after ending 6 cycles of chemotherapy and MIBG therapy. We have a few options… more than we discussed in detail, but it basically boils down to 1 of 3 options. We can do radiation alone. Which is NOT a curative treatment according to our oncologist. Use chemotherapy along with the radiation. Which has a higher response rate, but may or may not cure the disease. Or we can go all out and use the same antibody therapy we used 3 years ago along with chemotherapy. The antibody therapy has the highest response rate. However, my daughter has serious side effects to the antibody drugs. They have had to stop the medication early in the past. I am not ready for that. So the debate is between radiation plus chemo or neither for now. If I choose to go with nothing for right now, we will come back for follow up scans.

I want chemo to be a 2nd choice…. AFTER the natural regimens, diet changes, etc. I have just started making the changes I should have been making months ago, so I want to give myself and her body a chance to learn how to do this naturally. I know the first relapse was because of failed conventional treatment. Is this relapse because conventional treatment failed as well? Or because I have not been utilizing the natural remedies correctly? Or because the natural treatments will not work for her? Or does none of it really matter because her body is going to create neuroblastoma cells no matter what we do?

Waking up from anesthesia after bone marrow biopsies and MRI of wrist- Dec 16, 2016

To me… it begins with the food she eats that nourishes her body. I feel like that is the beginning. Taking a dietary/nutrition class will be next on my agenda for sure. I also know that we are surrounded by under-utilized natural cures and resources. So why would I force my child into a damaging treatment when there may be a less evasive way to handle this for now.

My’isha is genetically special. I feel she will need a cancer fighting regimen for the rest of her life to be honest. We need to figure out her personal healthy lifestyle and make it her lifestyle. This is a huge undertaking as a mother. Especially when cannabis is included in the mix. I am determined to have this all figured out for my baby girl sooner than later. This way we can work hard on helping other babies in a similar struggle.

I want to keep My’isha alive and healthy. How do I do that? Unfortunately, no one has the answer for that. We are thrown many treatment and therapy options. If the doctors don’t know, how am I expected to know?  Ultimately…  the decision for everything from what she eats to the treatment is left to me.

We have more scan coming up and possibly radiation and chemo depending on what we decide. To contribute to travel, food, and natural treatment costs not covered by insurance, donate HERE > Paypal.me/Miracles4Myisha


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